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Last updated Saturday, April 08, 2017

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PLAINSONG featuring Iain Matthews & Andy Roberts: Sunday, April 2, 2017. 7:30PM. Donation of $22 advance/$25 door. Reservations required.

A truly special evening with a couple of England's finest folk/folkrock musicians.  I've long been a huge fan of Iain Matthews' singing and songwriting as well as of Plainsong as a band, so this is a tremendous treat for me!  This is part of a one-off tour of PLAINSONG on the West Coast of the US in honor of their new (and probably last) CD "Reinventing Richard - The Songs of Richard Farina".  This is really a concert not to be missed!

    Listen to some songs (youtube format):

            True Story of Amelia Earhart        Raider        Same Old Man/Charlie

    View some videos:

            Pack Up Your Sorrows:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV_LvFlrwLw

            Economics of the Rat and the Snake:        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk_LwpXB4jE

            Cristoforo's Eyes:        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmjfZL_pESQ

A pdf copy of the flyer is available here (for viewing or printing). You can also get further information on PLAINSONG from their website.


Jim Page: Sunday, May 14, 2017. 7:30PM, Donation of $20 advance/$22 door.  Reservations required.

House concert by this wonderful political singer/songwriter, who has written songs covered by Christy Moore, Moving Hearts, Dick Gaughan, Roy Bailey, and many others.  Jim grew up in the Bay Area, but has lived in Seattle since 1971.  In 1977 Jim was invited to perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival, which led to 6 years of European touring and to his music being covered by a number of well-established UK performers.  Jim returned to the US in 1983, and has been touring as a solo performer in the US ever since.  It's great to have Jim return to perform another concert at my house!

    Listen to some songs (note that the links stream entire albums):

                Ghost Bikes    Collateral Damage     Human Interesting

    View some videos:

                Pretty Simple    Song for Leonard Peltier    I'd Rather Be Dancing (Rachel Corrie's Song)    Anna Mae    Gasworks Park

A pdf copy of the flyer is available here (for viewing or printing). You can also get further information on Jim Page from his website.


Dan Walsh: Sunday, May 21, 2017. 7:30PM, Donation of $15 advance/$18 door.  Reservations required.

One of the finest clawhammer banjo players in the UK, as well as being a superb singer, songwriter and guitarist.  Dan performed at my house (and opened for Carol Denney at the Freight & Salvage) 2 years ago on his first visit to the US and blew everyone away!!!  In spite of his visa problems at the time (which he got a song out of :-)), he has decided to brave a second trip (motivated by an offer to teach at the Midwest Banjo Camp).  Whether you're a fan of great performance in general, amazing banjo playing, meaningful songwriting, or excellent singing of traditional and contemporary songs, you won't regret taking advantage of this unique opportunity!

    Listen to some songs (mp3s):

                The Song Always Stays    The Wiseman    Lost Rambler

    View some videos:

                Hermit of Gully  Lake    Time to Stay    Two Lives Lost    Scottish & Irish Tune Medley    The Same But Different

A pdf copy of the flyer is available here (for viewing or printing). You can also get further information on Dan Walsh from his website.


Tony McManus: Monday, September 4, 2017 (Labor Day). 7:30PM, Donation of $20 advance/$22 door.  Reservations required.

Returning after sell-out concerts in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2005, and 2014, it's amazing to get another opportunity to see Scotland's premier guitarist, Tony McManus, perform solo in a small, intimate house concert! 

       Listen to some tunes (mp3 format):

                Lady Ann Montgomery's Reel/Eilish Brogan/Paddy Fahey's        Shalom Aleichem

        View some videos:

                Guitar Artistry:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLVsrlObxO8

                Piebroch:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYmzalpiDuU

                Hard Love:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_ftMFuQbo0

                interview:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhLMPcYGwCg

 A pdf copy of the flyer is available here (for viewing or printing).  You can also get further information on Tony McManus from his website.


All proceeds go to the performer(s). Reservations required.

For further information, reservations & directions:

* e-mail reservations@sgreenberg.org
* or call 510-644-2135.

Advance payment is optional;  however, people paying at the concert must choose from any seats remaining at that time, and popular concerts tend to have very few (and isolated) seats remaining.  Reservations are required whether or not advance payment is made.  For information on paying in advance, please send an e-mail to reservations@sgreenberg.org.  If you've already made a reservation and would like to prepay via the Internet, please see http://www.sgreenberg.org/concert_tickets.htm .

House concert seating is strictly limited to 42 at each concert. You can e-mail me now with reservations for any of the house concerts on this web site.

When you make a reservation, please provide your address in addition to your name, e-mail address, and phone number to aid in giving directions.  The house is near Tilden Park, and parking is plentiful.

This series has been going on since January, 1996. Past performers have been:
January 29, 1996Greg Greenway
May 1, 1996 Ed Miller & John Taylor
May 12, 1996Les Barker
May 19, 1996David Massengill
August 24, 1996 Heather Alexander
September 2, 1996 Catriona Macdonald & Ian Lowthian
September 19, 1996 Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies
September 27, 1996 Aileen Vance
April 6, 1997 Eileen McGann with David K
October 19, 1997William Pint & Felicia Dale
November 4, 1997Artisan
November 20, 1997 Jez Lowe
November 21, 1997 Jez Lowe
December 14, 1997Greg Greenway
March 22, 1998 Bill Gallaher & Harmony Road
April 12, 1998 Margaret Christl & Michael Johnston
May 14, 1998 William (Billy) Jackson
September 7, 1998 Tony McManus (2 shows)
September 20, 1998 Steve Tilston
October 18, 1998 Anne Lister
November 15, 1998 Tom Lewis
November 29, 1998 Jez Lowe
November 30, 1998 Jez Lowe
February 21, 1999 William Pint & Felicia Dale
March 4, 1999 Colum Sands
March 14, 1999 Eileen McGann & Aileen Vance, with David K
May 9, 1999 Tabache (2 shows)
May 23, 1999 Danny Carnahan
September 6, 1999 Tony McManus (2 shows)
October 24, 1999 Anne Lister
November 21, 1999 Brian Peters
February 6, 2000 Les Barker (2 shows)
February 20, 2000 William Pint & Felicia Dale
March 18, 2000 Pete Morton
March 26, 2000 Colum Sands
April 16, 2000 Eileen McGann with David K
September 4, 2000 Pete Morton
October 15, 2000 Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman
October 19, 2000 Leon Rosselson
November 5, 2000 Richard Grainger
January 13, 2001 Maggie Holland
February 25, 2001 Anne Lister
April 7, 2001 Priscilla Herdman
April 9, 2001 Priscilla Herdman
April 15, 2001 Tony McManus
April 29, 2001 Bob Fox
May 6, 2001 Ben Sands
June 10, 2001 Saffron Summerfield
September 16, 2001 Brian Peters
September 28, 2001 Tabache
October 2, 2001 Brian McNeill
October 20, 2001 Martyn Joseph
December 2, 2001 Colum Sands
February 9, 2002 Pete Coe
February 17, 2002 Les Barker (2 shows)
February 24, 2002 Jez Lowe (2 shows)
April 21, 2002 Ben Sands
May 5, 2002 Fil Campbell & Tom McFarland
May 19, 2002 Pete Morton
September 15, 2002 William Pint & Felicia Dale
October 6, 2002 William (Billy) Jackson
October 26, 2002 Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman
November 3, 2002 David Francey
November 10, 2002 Jim Malcolm
December 8, 2002 Gerry O'Beirne
February 16, 2003 Brian Peters
February 23, 2003 Bob Fox
March 16, 2003 Eileen McGann with David K
April 13, 2003 Jez Lowe (2 shows)
April 27, 2003 Aengus Finnan
June 8, 2003 Priscilla Herdman (2 shows)
September 7, 2003 Allan Taylor
October 12, 2003 David Francey
October 19, 2003 Fil Campbell with Tom McFarland
October 26, 2003 Pete Morton
November 16, 2003 Margaret Christl
February 21, 2004 Aengus Finnan
March 4, 2004 Jim Malcolm
April 25, 2004 David Massengill
May 16, 2004 Danny Carnahan
June 20, 2004 James Keelaghan
February 6, 2005 Jim Malcolm (2 shows)
February 20, 2005 Les Barker
March 13,2005 Anne Lister
April 17, 2005 Jez Lowe
May 30, 2005 Tony McManus
June 12, 2005 William Pint & Felicia Dale
June 19, 2005 Brian McNeill with John Taylor
September 11, 2005 Bob Fox
November 20, 2005 Brian Peters
December 11, 2005 Margaret Christl
December 18, 2005 Pete Morton
February 5, 2006 Jim Malcolm (2 shows)
April 30, 2006 Priscilla Herdman
October 1, 2006 William Pint & Felicia Dale
October 22, 2006 Claire Mann & Aaron Jones
January 7, 2007 Still on the Hill
February 18. 2007 Jim Malcolm
April 29, 2007 Jez Lowe (2 shows)
June 3, 2007 Maria Dunn
January 13, 2008 Still on the Hill
September 28, 2008 William Pint & Felicia Dale
October 26, 2008 David Massengill
May 2, 2010 Priscilla Herdman (2 shows)
February 20, 2011 Brian Peters
April 17, 2011 David Ferrard
July 17, 2011 Jez Lowe
April 15, 2012 James Keelaghan
May 13, 2012 David Francey
October 14, 2012 Jez Lowe
March 1, 2014 William Pint & Felicia Dale
May 11, 2014 David Francey
June 22, 2014 Tony McManus
October 1, 2014 Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac
(at Lamorinda Music)
September 20, 2015 Dan Walsh
January 9, 2016 Robb Johnson
February 13, 2016 Lou & Peter Berryman
April 23, 2016 Jim Page
September 25, 2016 William Pint & Felicia Dale
November 6, 2016 Archie Fisher (2 shows)
March 5, 2017 David Francey

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