Sally's Favorite Things

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Favorite (Musical) Artist: Dougie MacLean

Favorite Album: "Real Estate" by Dougie MacLean

Favorite Song: "Rank and Roses" by Dougie MacLean (from the album "Indigenous")

[Any number of Dougie MacLean's or Jez Lowe's songs could have gone here. After hearing Dougie tell the story behind this song, however, this one beat out the competition...]

Favorite Magazine: "The Living Tradition"

These days I seem to read a lot more magazines than books. Some that I read regularly are:


And, even though I now live in Berkeley, I still like to read "The San Jose Mercury News," which I can read on-line!

Favorite Dogs: American Cocker Spaniels

Favorite Places on the Web:

[more coming...]

Favorite Quote: "If I can't dance then its not my revolution." - Emma Goldman

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