Here are my favorite CD's of 2001.  Not many bands or new performers, primarily because all sorts of stuff got knocked of the list in a year with new releases by Dick Gaughan, Nic Jones, Ray Hearne, JP Cormier, and Old Blind Dogs!  Not much of a year for the world, but a great year for music!  Honorable mentions go to Sonia's "Live at the Down Home", Martyn Joseph's "Don't Talk About Love", The Phil Beer Band's "Live Mandorock 2000", Rhino's 3 CD box set (and awesome book) entitled "Washington Square Memoirs:  The Great Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970", and the brilliant Smithsonian Folkways 5 CD box set (worth every penny and then some) entitled "The Best of Broadside 1962-1988".

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My top 10 CDs of 2001 (in alphabetical order):

My Top 5 CDs Purchased in 2001 but Released in Previous Years: